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Our Elderly Needs Our Love and Protection – Not to Be Used and Abused

As I write this blog, it is Thanksgiving Day and my heart bleeds from some of the stories I've heard as it relates to the treatment of our elderly relatives. You would think that it would be strangers that our elderly should be most fearful of; yet unfortunately it is usually their loved ones that

It doesn’t matter what you want to accomplish – if you never do the work required

I don't know what it is about us humans, but somehow we seem to believe that if we just have a dream about doing something, that somehow it's just going to happen all by itself. Consider this. So many of us want to lose weight; yet we never watch what we eat or exercise. So

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Don’t ask; just listen and observe

If you truly want to know who a person is; don't ask them; just listen to them and observe what they do. A person can tell you anything you want to hear. And some will agree with anything you say; however, if you listen to a them long enough and watch their actions, you will

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Lonely people: in a world where connections are just a phone call or text away

A few days ago we all learned that Kate Spade, an apparently successful and accomplished entrepreneur committed suicide. This morning we learned that Anthony Bourdain, another successful and accomplished entrepreneur also hung himself in a Paris apartment. The question that jumps to mind is why? But as a psychotherapist, I also understand that people can

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How to get things done: Sometimes we “THINK” too much

What happens when we know there's something we need to do and we just keep putting it off, telling ourselves that we will do it, "when we have time, when things settle down, when it's not so hot, when it's not so cold" and the list goes on an on... This morning I got up,

Couples Relationships: The Two Stage of Romantic Love

Romantic love in couples relationship is a beautiful thing; but most people don't realize that there are two stages to this type of love. Most of us are in love, with the "heady, giddy feelings" that is common to the first stage that we call "Euphoric Love." It's called the Euphoric stage for a reason,

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Love and Respect in Couples Relationships

"Each one of you also MUST LOVE his wife as he loves himself; and the wife MUST RESPECT her husband." Ephesians 5:33. Isn't it amazing how God already knew this would be a problem for us and put it in His Word as guidelines of how we are called to love each other in our

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