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Becoming More Self-Aware

So let’s dive in to this Self-Awareness Exercise

What is self-awareness you ask?

  1. It is the ability to reflect on our own mental operations – our thoughts – and critically evaluate their activities. How does what we THINK create the emotions we FEEL – which is determined by the meaning we give to our thoughts.
  2. It is therefore the ability to see ourselves as we really are, to understand how others sees us, and how we fit into the world around us.

Being Self- Aware gives us the KNOWLEDGE to make the changes we need to succeed – if we so CHOOSE.

So WHY is Self- Awareness SO important?

Well, it turns out the research confirms that people who are SELF-aware are more fulfilled, they are more successful, more creative, more confident have stronger and more mutually beneficial relationships, and the list goes on…

Now – it also turns out that most of us who BELIEVE we are Self-aware – really isn’t. In fact, studies show a whopping 95% of us. Only approximately 10-15% actually are.

SO – what separates the “actual self-aware” individuals from the “thinking they are self-aware” individuals?

That answer turns out to be VERY simple. In fact, it comes down to the questions we ASK ourselves in our quest for self-awareness.

It turns out the individuals who “believe” themselves to be self-aware – the 95% ers ask themselves this one question, “WHY?”

So for example, “WHY did this happen to me?
“Why me? Why can’t I…? WHY am I…?

I’m SURE you can FEEL the “desperation” in asking that type of question? It makes you FEEL trapped in PAST negativity. It causes you to ruminate on things you CANNOT change. It keeps you in the PAST.

Do you get what I’m saying? Good J

Now, on the other hand, the “actual self-aware” individuals ask this question, “WHAT?”

WHAT can I DO to change this situation?

WHAT could I do differently to create a different/better outcome?

WHAT should I focus on first?

What would I need to believe about the situation/the person/myself to FEEL this way?


It’s HOPEFUL, it MOVES you forward into the FUTURE, It Focuses on What is possible, It makes you FEEL you have the Power to CHANGE the situation?

Are you GETTING this?

I truly hope so – because THIS can BE life-changing for those of us who FEEL trapped in our PAST mistakes and negative experiences.

Because everyone’s situation will be different, it is virtually impossible for me to give examples of questioning scenarios using this type of questioning.

However, if you will take your specific situation where you FEEL trapped and develop “future oriented” WHAT questions around it, I can promise you will begin to move in the right direction.

Of course – I’m also available for you to work with me.

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