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Couples relationships: Before you say “I do”

It’s a known fact that in couples relationships “opposites attract.” Unfortunately – there are certain considerations to take in mind so these “opposites” do not become the very reason you grow to dislike your partner later in your relationship.

  1. Be sure there is enough (7 out of 10 is a good number) similarities that you can share together.
  2. Parenting styles is a big deal! If these styles differ between both partners – this can not only ruin your relationship with your partner, but can also have detrimental and long lasting effects on your children.
  3. Be aware that the “hot stuff” will diminish after a couple years into your relationship/marriage and integrate preventative behavior before any negative effects can gain a foothold. Maintain couple only activities without the children. Remember if your relationship is strong, your children will feel more secure. Keep being affectionate, attentive, and encouraging to your spouse. Your children are watching, and later when they are looking for partners, they will know what a healthy, loving relationship looks like.
  4. Happy couples will not feel the need to form close relationships with the opposite sex. These relationships are usually formed as an “insurance policy” in case the relationship fails. You’ve heard of the “work wife/husband” connotation. Remember that sexual infidelity is not the only way you can cheat on your partner in couples relationships; if you have a friend of the opposite sex that you confide in rather than your partner – you are cheating emotionally. These intimate conversations should only be had with your partner or spouse – otherwise sexual infidelity is usually not very far away. All it takes is a quarrel with your partner for you to run into the arms of someone you feel understands you.
  5. Be aware that certain milestones can be detrimental in couples relationship. When you have your first child/children, time is taken away from spouse and tiredness and fatigue can set in leaving no time for intimacy. Guard the time spent with your spouse/partner with vigilance. Cutting back on this time signals impending problems. Get a baby sitter and make time for each other; otherwise when the children leave after college (if the relationship lasts that long) you and your spouse will have nothing in common and there will be no intimacy between you.

If couples in relationships will be mindful of these pitfalls – they will find that their relationship  remains strong and will withstand the challenges of life. Catch you later and,  “love like there is no tomorrow!”

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