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Couples relationships: Is your marriage in trouble?

In couples relationships, this is important. Really important. You cannot wait until you’ve reached the point of no return before you decide to do something about managing the problem areas in your marriage. Do it NOW! I’ve found that there is a point that you’ve gone so far beyond repair that it only becomes more difficult – if not outright impossible. When we leave our marriages to survive on auto-pilot, we run the risk of falling into habits that serve to deteriorate our marriages.

Let me explain.

  1. We disagree about something and we end up verbally abusing our partner. We say things that cannot be retrieved. We refuse to apologize or admit our fault – even when we are blatantly wrong. Instead of sitting down to have a discussion like adults, we pout and keep malice like children in pre-school, and many times go to bed angry and isolated from each other.
  2. We stop being grateful to each other and acknowledging their worth to us. We take each other for granted and minimize the importance of being civil to each other. We stop saying “thanks” when our spouses do things for us because accept them doing things for us as “something they should do.”
  3. We stop making our spouses a priority by spending “alone time” with them. We consider just being in the same vicinity as spending quality time – even if you never say a kind or affectionate word to each other.
  4. You’ve started feeling more like roommates, than a couple and sexual relations become few and very far between. There is no tenderness between you, no touching, no affectionate teasing, no alone time spend together – just the two of you.
  5. You spend more time with your friends and family, than with your spouse. And even when you’re together your body language says that your mind is somewhere else.
  6. You can’t tell the last time you actually went on a romantic date together.

If you have ANY of these signs in your relationship – your marriage is in trouble. If these have occurred over a period of time, it’s in DEEP trouble.

There is NO marriage or couples relationship that does not require work on the part of both parties. Being in love has NOTHING to do with developing a mutually nurturing, phenomenal relationship. Please do not delay in working on one of the most important decisions you’ve made in your life – CHOOSING THIS PERSON AS YOUR LIFE PARTNER!

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