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Our Daily Choices Determine Our Future

It’s amazing how most of us go about each day without even the slightest realization that everything we choose to do or not to do, is setting the stage for where we live in our future. Yet, every single second or minute of every single day, whatever we choose to do will be the seedling for what we hope to reap in our future. I’m betting that if we truly pay serious attention to this one fact – that many of us would make better choices in the things we choose to do.

I’m not saying that there are not things that will happen outside of our control. However, many of the challenges we face daily and the difficulties we endure, are as a direct result of the choices we made in the past.

Let’s examine this.

Suppose for example that your goal in life is to have a good position so you’re able to provide for the your family at a high level. Well, if you fail to make choices that will lead you in the direction of achieving that goal, and then follow through on what needs to be done to achieve your goals, then you will most likely not get to a place where you will be financially able to provide for your family in the way you planned.

Our choice not to stay in school is going to lead us down a different path, than one where you stay in school and do the work necessary to get in a good college. Our choice not to get to work on time is going to lead us out of a job. Our choice of the foods we choose to put in our bodies is going to lead us down a path of disease and ill health. Our choice not to exercise is going to lead us to a destiny of being unfit, overweight and unhealthy.

These are all choices we make daily; yet, we have the tendency to blame everything and everyone else for the destiny we created for ourselves.

At the beginning of another year, let’s be aware that the choices we make is leading us toward a certain destiny. If we do not like where we’re headed, then we need to make different choices. It’s really that simple.

Let’s do this!

I wish for everyone reading this, happiness, health and prosperity in the New Year!

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