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Signs that they are NOT emotionally available – and YOU SHOULD MOVE ON!

  1. He’s told you he doesn’t want a relationship. I’ve always said to believe someone when they tell you they’re not interested in a relationship. Of course – if you continue to hang around, then why not take what he can get without any commitment? It’s your choice, right? He already told you what he wanted, and it’s NOT you.
  2. He’s NOT investing in you. He’s not investing his time, his emotions, NOTHING.YOU are always making all the dating plans. YOU drive to pick him up or go to his house. YOU call or text him, You get the drift …
  3. He doesn’t ask you about yourself, your plans, your dreams, your life. Because he’s not interested in a long-term relationship with you – so he really doesn’t care about your life or any plans you may have
  4. You can never seem to make fixed plans with him. Light give the excuse that he doesn’t like to make plans. That’s because you’re the backup plan and he’s waiting to see if his priorities will be available before penciling you in in calendar
  5. He frequently talks about his ex – or still corresponds with her, or compares you to her. I’m guessing that I don’t have to give any examples for this one. But basically – he’s still in love with his ex and has not gotten over her. This is a lose/lose situation
  6. He doesn’t want you to meet his family or his friends. And he doesn’t want to meet yours. It’s a secret relationship J
  7. He lies to you to MAKE you happy – at least while you’re giving him what he wants. He’s not committed to the relationship to work through any problems you both have because he’s NOT emotionally invested in the relationship – so he takes the easy way out and just lies.
  8. He’s more concerned about HIS needs than yours. Why can’t YOU do this for him? Why can’t YOU understand this? Why can’t YOU – whatever. Everything is about HIS happiness – not yours.
  9. His words and his actions are not aligned. He says a lot of things but never does them.
  10. You’ve been seeing each other for over 3 months and there is no indication of any forward movement in the relationship. A man usually knows what and who he wants before the 3-month marker. If things are not moving, it’s a big indication you’re NOT a part of his long-term plan.
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