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The “Male/Female” Understanding of Imtimacy

Have you ever wondered why we are so different? Males and females, that is.

Let’s look at one of our major differences, and one which is also one of the MAJOR complaints in intimate relationships; where men complain there is not enough sex – females complain there is not enough intimacy.

What we don’t always see, is that this problem is circular; that is, it feeds from each other.

Women do not feel like having sex with their partners when there is no intimacy. I’m speaking for most women now – I know there is a small group of women who can have sex no matter what, but that’s another story which requires more details and innuendoes which I cannot divert to at the moment. Let’s stay on task.

So when women don’t feel any intimacy with their spouse, then they don’t feel those “amorous” feelings that make them want to have sex with their husbands.

On the other hand, when the husbands don’t have sexual relations with their wives, then they don’t feel like cuddling, hanging out, or spending quality time with their wives.

Okay – so we all know – or hope we all know what sex is. So what about intimacy? What exactly is intimacy?

Well, for women, intimacy means spending quality time with their partner, hugs for no reason, kisses for no reason to show you feel love and are attracted to that person, touching throughout the day, laughing at silly things and basically just showing them you enjoy their company.

Now – this is the predicament. Most men seem to have a deficiency gene when it comes to doing these things for their spouse – on a regular basis that is. And so, they may do them, only when they want to have sex. And therein lies the problem, since this is a definite “No – No” for a woman and gives the feeling that it is only when her husband wants sex that he pays her any attention.

So how can this problem be solved?

Well, there is only one thing that I can promise you. If men spend quality time with their women, cuddling, hugging, touching them during the day; then the only problem men will have is to figure our if they will be able to keep up with their woman’s appetite for sexual relations.

Women – tell me if you agree and if you don’t, give your reasons why.

Men – why don’t you try it and let me know the results?

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