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Why our ACTIONS will far out-perform OUR THOUGHTS

Out thoughts bombard our minds a mile a minute and it seems impossible to reign them in. We try to breathe, and focus, but they still run amok begging for attention and we find it difficult not to give into their constant bombardment.

Yet, we want to create change; and in order to create change, we have to focus on replacing positive thoughts with the negative thought we seem to generate like sand in a sandstorm. You cannot ignore a sandstorm. You can take cover from it – but you cannot ignore the sand-blasting sounds that will be hammering against your refuge. And if you’re caught in it – you will feel the sting of the tiny grains of sand on every exposed surface of your skin.

It is the same with our thoughts. When we try to ignore them – we can still feel the pressure of them vying for out attention. And if we do nothing because we’re caught up with the emotions these thoughts bring – we are sure to feel the sting on those areas of our lives where we are bruised and raw from previous hurts and pain.

So what do we do?

If trying to manage ONLY our thoughts alone don’t work too well; what else is there?

We DO! Do what?

Whatever is necessary to create the feeling or outcome we want. It is possible to DO (take action) than to (think) our way to a happy place; BOTH are necessary and work together to create change.

So what does this look like?

Say you’re in a funk and you want to feel happy again. Thinking happy thoughts alone will not get you there. However, thinking happy thoughts and doing things that MAKE you feel happy will.

Put some music on and dance, go to spa with some friends, go watch a comedy, go to the park and watch children and animals play, buy yourself some flowers; just DO something!

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