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January 23 at 4:13pm

I was having a difficult time working through the loss of my spouse and I was referred to Dr..Christine through a mutual friend. Dr. Christine was able to guide me through the grieving process and allowed me to grieve without feeling overwhelmed. She assisted me in remembering the strength I forgot I had, which allowed me to work through the loss of my husband during a very challenging time in my life. Although I’ve finished my sessions with her, she gave me the tools I needed to continue to work through issues as they come up. She helped me to understand the built up emotions I have accumulated over the loss of my spouse and with her patience and understanding I was able to release those built up emotions that was not being expressed.

Tronia S

January 23, 2017

I decided to seek an experienced coach because I was married before and it ended because I did not know the true meaning or the understanding of marriage. This led to me getting a divorce. I was most fortunate to be recommended to Dr. Christine who is a wonderful and experienced professional. Dr. Christine is very experienced in many areas of Human Relations, and Marriage and Family issues so I went to see her because I am in the process of getting married again after 15 years of divorce. She helped me to understand the true essence of marriage, by breaking it down to the level I could totally understand. Dr. Christine helped me through the process of letting go of distructive old thoughts I still held from my previous marriage. I believe it was valuable having an intervention before married because it gave me a better understanding of what is required to have a successful marriage. I just want to thank Dr. Christine for her patience and kindness in assisting me to work through some bad habits before I took the big step into my next marriage.

Luke A

I engaged the services of Dr. Christine Chin-Sim to provide life coaching to a group of 14 of my friends gathered for a weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday with me. Most of us are at that midlife stage when we face job changes or retirement, aging parents, relationship or health challenges and other issues that arise in the normal course of living. The group consisted of educated, professional women, many of whom have had successful careers as lawyers, educators, high-ranking government leaders and business executives. Some were skeptical of the potential benefit of a coaching session, and some even had vowed not to speak during the session. I discussed with Dr. Chin-Sim her ability to draw out this diverse group of opinionated women and she assured me that she would be able to do so. And indeed she did. The session, with a topic of “how to get unstuck”, was a complete success as it allowed for open and honest discussion and insight, and led to several women finding ways to help one another.

Beverly Burke

“Christine’s candor and the story of triumph created a safe place, broke through our armor, and magically brought to our consciousness our own personal struggles. Each testimony and inquiry drew us closer and cemented a lasting, powerful, positive circle of “girlfriends.” To continue our individual work beyond the session, Christine planted life-changing seeds with Og Mandino’s, The Greatest Miracle in the World and her powerful, guiding inquiry: “Are my thoughts, feelings, and actions in alignment with my values?” Thank you, Christine!” “Before the coaching session, for various reasons, I was a bit shy about honoring my femininity. However, the open and warm group environment that was created during Christine’s coaching session inspired me to take better care of myself and to get in touch with the beauty inside of me.”

Mary C

Upon C’s recommendation, I read a particular chapter from The Greatest Miracle in the World. I can say is that it is so very powerful and inspirational that I shared my reaction with the group before the weekend ended. I would never have found such inspiration had it not been for the coaching session and the context within which Christine led us in reflection and action.”

Lorna F

“Dr. Christine engaged the group with her authenticity. By telling her personal story, she gave the rest of us license to open up and tell ours. Surprisingly, people revealed some of their deepest feelings and concerns and found comfort and practical support from others. I definitely would hire her again.”

Karen C

January 6 at 11:06am

It is rare to find a professional who is not only knowledgeable in her field but continuously provides excellent service. Her ability to encourage and provide guidance is second to none. She earns my highest recommendation to anyone who seeks a highly skilled and compassionate professional.

Dagma LB Pond

“Dr. Christine can be described as a person whose care and concern for others far exceed expectations. She is empathetic, sympathetic, and a problem solver. As a former client who went through a divorce and self-esteem issues, I can attest to her professionalism and knowledge in her field. I hold Dr. Chin-Sim in the highest regard, and highly recommend her to whomever may need assistance in her area of expertise.”

Marlene O