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Learn how Dr. Chin-Sim can help you navigate the life transitions of pre-marital, marital, or divorce recovery coaching.

Pre-Marital Coaching: Before you say “I DO”

I know you’re head over heels in love and that is all you can think of at the moment. Love conquers all – right? Not really. It’s the best base to start from when you plan to spend the rest of your life with someone, but unfortunately many couples who start out “head over heels” in love – end up in divorce.
I know that’s not what you want to hear right now, but, it’s a fact, isn’t it? Just look around you.

However, there is a way to be prepared for this lifetime commitment you’re about to make. After all, that’s the plan isn’t it? To spend the rest of your life with the one you love? At least, I hope it is.
Pre-marital coaching is simply the best way to be better prepared for the many challenges you will face in your marital relationship. I help you to develop communication, conflict resolution, and problem solving skills, while making you aware of the attitudes, expectations and characteristics that are important in creating a satisfying relationship.
I help you to confront often-ignored issues that could drive a wedge between you if not addressed, while giving you the skills to explore and work through common relationship problems that are a part of every marriage.
Pre-marital coaching will help you to assess your readiness for marriage, while giving you the skills to prevent or better manage difficult habits that can be hard to break once they are well established.

Married Couples Coaching

Marriage takes work and effort on the part of both parties in order for couples to have a profound and fulfilling relationship.
Every marriage has its problems, but if both parties are willing to make it work, couples can regain the love and harmony they once enjoyed.

I am dedicated to providing couples with the tools and resources that will assist you in realizing the full potential of a high-performing relationship. I will work with you to achieve a deeper level of commitment and satisfaction in your relationship so you can enjoy an even deeper level of love and commitment to each other.

Post-divorce Coaching

I understand what you are feeling. I’ve been there.
You can’t come to terms that the person you married and planned to spend the rest of your life with is no longer a part of your life.
There is a new normal you have to get used to. You have to learn to be alone. And if you have children, you have to be strong for them also.

You are struggling, and you do not know how you will survive. The emotional pain where your heart seems to have been ripped from your chest, is overwhelming.
Relearning how to be “single” again, having to take on the tasks your spouse managed, going out and seeing couples all paired off – but you are alone.
I get you. But I also know that you will get over this. You must!
I’m here to help you do that if you find it difficult to move forward. I understand every bit of it. I’ve been there, and not only did I survive, I thrived! You can too.

Let me help you.