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Are You Giving the Power of Permanence to Something that Can Be Changed?

We do this all the time. Did you get that? I said, "We do this ALL the time? Really? Did I just assign the power of permanence to something we do only "some" of the time? Yes I did. But isn't this how most of us approach our challenges? So you try to learn to

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Becoming More Self-Aware

So let’s dive in to this Self-Awareness Exercise What is self-awareness you ask? It is the ability to reflect on our own mental operations – our thoughts – and critically evaluate their activities. How does what we THINK create the emotions we FEEL – which is determined by the meaning we give to our thoughts.

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The Attachment Styles In Intimate Relationships

Understanding the Attachment Styles It is important to remember that all attachment styles are formed in childhood as children interact with their caregivers. It is then maintained as they experience other relationships in their teenage and adult years. These attachment styles and the behaviors connected to them are then played out in their adult intimate

The FEAR of being alone

This one factor - the FEAR of being alone, have brought much anxiety and worry to so many individuals. It's remarkable, because we came into this world alone, and undoubtably, we will leave it alone. Yet as we go through the middle part of "living" we seem to forget that very important fact. Let me

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Dismissive and Fearful Avoidant Attachment Individual | Differences

I'm always asked what the differences are between the two (2) Avoidant Attachment Style, so I've decided to address that in more depth today. Attachment theory, which was first proposed by John Bowlby, suggests that our early childhood experiences shape our ability to form close and intimate relationships as adults. As such, attachment styles are

Challenges the Anxiously Attached Individual Experiences In Relationships

Anxious attachment is a common style of attachment that affects individuals in their romantic relationships. People with anxious attachment tend to seek a high level of emotional closeness and connection with their partners, but also struggle with feelings of insecurity and fear of abandonment. These feelings can create a host of challenges in relationships, and

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The Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude: The quality of feeling or being thankful. I can't remember when it started, but I was not always grateful. At least nothing compared to the extent that I am today. Perhaps I graced the table before dinner, because Mom told us to. I had to say, "Thank you" when someone gave us something or


NO - I'm not telling you to go jump off a building, or anything else for that matter. I'm using this as a metaphor for "Taking the first step" which might seem risky - as it might be jumping off an actual building. In life, we all come to a place where we become uncomfortable