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Are You Giving the Power of Permanence to Something that Can Be Changed?

We do this all the time. Did you get that? I said, “We do this ALL the time?

Really? Did I just assign the power of permanence to something we do only “some” of the time? Yes I did.

But isn’t this how most of us approach our challenges?

So you try to learn to swim and you sink to the floor of the pool like a log, and you say, “See! I will NEVER learn how to swim!”

We try a new hobby like dancing. We trip and fall, step on people’s toes, all the time looking really silly trying to follow the steps; and we say, “See! Didn’t I tell you that I have two left feet and I can’t dance. I’ll NEVER be able to do those steps!

Or, like me. I tried learning to roller blade once. So I put on my helmet, my knee pads and padded my rear with a cushion in case I fell – which I did – several times. That was the first and last day of my roller-blading career. Eventually I gave them away when I moved. Basically, I gave the power of permanence to the fact that I would NEVER be able to roller-blade.

But what about some things in life where, giving away our power can literally create stagnation in our lives?

Say for example we decided to go to college but decided it was too difficult; decided to learn to drive but decided we just didn’t have what it takes; decided to go on a date, but we fumbled and mumbled so much the last time that we just decided we weren’t cut out out to have anyone in our lives.

Now, falling on my rear while learning to rollerblade might have limited my enjoyment of some outdoor activity; but imagine how not being able to drive a car could limit someone from the basic activity of getting from one place to the other!

Yet, we do this every single day. We label a setback as permanent and give up our power to change and grow.

How about this?

How about we try to see a “setback” or “difficulty: for what it really is? Something that challenges us to try harder, again and again, until we get it right? We will soon come to realize that very few things are permanent.

You with me? Can’t promise I will try the roller blading thing again. But I will continue to learn and grow, despite the challenges I face daily. How about you?

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