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The FEAR of being alone

This one factor – the FEAR of being alone, have brought much anxiety and worry to so many individuals. It’s remarkable, because we came into this world alone, and undoubtably, we will leave it alone. Yet as we go through the middle part of “living” we seem to forget that very important fact.

Let me tell you why this is so important to grasp. Many individuals have caused this “FEAR” of being alone, or living alone, to wreak unnecessary havoc on their lives.

I’ve known mothers – yes, mostly mothers – who are afraid to be alone and so they hold onto their children, refusing to let them go out into the world to make a life of their own. They become their children’s “best friends” and sometimes, their ONLY friends! These children become socially handicapped, and require their mother to be and do everything with or for them. Mothers do not realize the disadvantage they have placed their children at, because when they are gone, these children will have to cope somehow. And, can they? Unfortunately not.

The other scenario I see is when individuals stay, or enter relationships, just so they are not alone. This is never good, because the dependency placed on that individual will eventually suffocate and drive them away. Nobody is meant, or can satisfy your need for someone to always be with you. It’s not possible and is therefore a failed relationship, even before it gets a chance to develop. Another scenario is when one remains in a toxic, abusive relationship because of the fear of being alone. And we all know that this is never a good idea, but we do it anyway. So crippled have we become by the fear of being alone the we will put up with anything, just to have someone around us. But if we would really think past our FEAR, we may notice that this person we think is with us – really isn’t. Their physical presence may be there sometimes – but there is nothing else – or perhaps there is something else; like verbal, emotional, or physical abuse. But any attention is better than no attention, right? At least that’s what we seem to tell ourselves.

Many individuals believe this is the only way to be. There is no way out of this cycle of misery. Well, I’m here to tell you that there is. But there’s work to be done, and most people are afraid of work, especially when the work requires self-reflection, self-scrutiny, and self-acceptance.

Yes. It takes work. Hard work. But aren’t you worth it? Would you prefer going through your entire life living a life of FEAR, and at the constant mercy of the fear of living a sub-standard life?

So what’s the answer? Simple. You MUST changed your MINDSET! There is simply no other way around it.

Up until now, you’ve believed that your life is just the way it is and there is nothing you can do to change it. You’ve embraced a FIXED MINDSET. Now I invite you to embrace a GROWTH MINDSET where you will see that NOTHING is set in stone, and everything can be changed if you’re willing to put the work in. GROWTH MINDSET requires that you take charge of GROWING yourself by thinking and behaving differently.

Are you up to the challenge of breaking free from your limiting beliefs? Are you strong enough to do this? Or perhaps I should ask: “DO YOU BELIEVE YOU ARE STRONG ENOUGH TO DO THIS? If you’re ready to take charge of your life: Join my FREE Facebook group here:
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