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Relationship Mindset: To Whom or To What are you giving YOUR POWER?

We are all in relationships of some kind. Most of us are in relationship with three things; people, habits, and things.

Now you may understand being in relationship with people, but  – “Things” and “Habits” – you’re not so sure.

Well “things” are the things we have. You know, that cellphone, money, the “things” we buy with our money, the “things” we feel we can’t do without – like coffee, or chocolate, that handbag or nice pair of shoes. You can relate, right?

Then there are the “habits” we have allowed to become engrained into our everyday routine. You know – like “hitting the snooze button” on our alarm each morning, just letting the day go by without any definite plan on what we want to accomplish, reaching for food when we get stressed, veggin’ out in front of the TV every night before bed, failing to prepare foods that are good for us and end up having to do a drive through at our favorite fast food restaurant. You know – stuff like that.

Of course, we then have the “people” we are in relationship with. Our family, friends, co-workers, bosses… and we can even break them down into the people that uplift us, those that tear us down, and those that just simply “take up space” without having any particular purpose in our lives.

So we’re in relationship with all these categories of things, habits and people, and how we are – in relationship with each of them determines our happiness, our focus, and our destiny.

If we CHOOSE to repeatedly maintain habits that are counterproductive to our growth, then we are creating a destiny where we remain stagnant – repeating the same habits over and over again and never learning the lessons in order to move forward.

If we CHOOSE to listen or spend the majority of our time with people who constantly tear us down, ridicule our efforts, discourage us from learning new things; then this also determines our destiny. We may end up having no self-esteem, believing that we can never be better than who we are, and this can ultimately destroy our ability to reach our full potential.

If we CHOOSE to focus more on things that take up most of our time, leaving little time to spend with the people we love, learning new things so we can grow, or just time being alone, where we simply take the time to look inward to ourselves to see where we are and what we need to focus on in order to be better individuals. If we do not take the time to spend with ourselves, we will forever look to people, things, and habits to satisfy something we feel is missing inside us.

You may have noticed that I said that we CHOOSE. This is probable the most important word in this blog. When it comes right down to it, it is what we CHOOSE to do that matters. Nobody can MAKE us do anything. We are the only ones who can CHOOSE to do what we need to do.

What will you CHOOSE to do today? And how will it determine your destiny?

Let me challenge you as you CHOOSE to take the reigns of your destiny and CHOOSE to do what positively impacts the trajectory of your life, toward the destiny you desire.

In the meantime – “FEEL the FEAR and DO it anyway!

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