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Water It, And It Will Grow

Relationships are just like plants – when you take time to nourish it, it will grow; if you neglect it, it will die. It really is as simple as that.

We tend to make things very complicated. Perhaps we believe the more difficult we make what we need to do – appear to be – then the smarter we will look. I believe the opposite. I love to use the KISS principle (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID). What could be simpler than doing what we know works? But instead, we complicate our lives – yes WE! By doing all types of unnecessary things and ignore or abandon the MOST important things – LOVING people!

We FIND the time to sit on our phones all day – checking out social media “likes” or whatever – while all the time our children, our spouse, or significant other, our REAL friends sit less than two feet away feeling lost and alone. I’m not bashing “social media” – it’s what I have to do because of my chosen line of work and I do enjoy connecting with those I don’t see face to face on a regular basis; however, when we’re in our cars driving our children to school, going somewhere with our loved one – that is not the time for everyone to be in their own little “social media bubble.” This is PREMIUM time to spend nourishing and showing love and attention to those who you SAY you love.

LOVE is NOT a NOUN! It is a VERB! And a verb indicates something in action. So – we MUST DO something to nourish our relationships – and that is NOT to be totally absorbed in our phones when we’re with our loved ones.

Beginning TODAY, I want us to all CHOOSE to FOCUS on our loved ones more; and a bit less on our phones. I’m speaking to myself here also. When did it happen that we FEEL as if we lost a leg – if we are not “attached” to our phones? And God forbid we realize we left it somewhere! That is a certain recipe for an anxiety attack! We really have to be more in control of our phone relationship – so we don’t destroy the relationships that really matter.

Are you ready to get this party started? We can begin by:

~ putting our phones out of sight and on vibrate when we’re speaking with someone. Believe me – they can tell when your focus is elsewhere

~leaving our phones in another room at nights (don’t you just hate it when you’re in the middle of a heated moment and the damn phone rings?) Put it away 🙂 Far, far away…

~ banning phones from the table during family dinner – if that’s still a thing, that is. Perhaps we should make it a “thing” again. What do you think?

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