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We Make the Time To Do Whatever We Really Want To Do – It’s Really Just a Matter of What We Make Our Priority

Ah Yes! That word “PRIORITY.” We hear it everyday used in different instances. In relationships, in business, in household chores, in dealing with our everyday responsibilities and goals.

But why is priority such a “buzzword” these days?

We use it to describe how we’re not being made a “priority” to our spouses, partners, significant others, etc., how our children only remember us when they need something and they make everything else a priority instead of coming to visit us or even picking up the phone to have a conversation; we use it to describe friends who will find time to visit or do things with everyone else, while never having time to even check-in with a phone call.

Why does the feeling of NOT being made a priority in someone’s life so painful?

Well – it’s because we know that deep down, what that friend, spouse, significant other, child or whomever is really saying is that “You are NOT important enough!”

Perhaps going to the game, playing gold, working late hours, hanging out with “other” friends, hanging out with “other” people has a higher value that you; at least that how it makes us feel.

It is specifically painful when you realize that we all have the same number of hours in a day. However, only you can CHOOSE how to use them. And we CHOOSE to use them according to how much PRIORITY we place on the person, the event, or the activity.

Let’s talk about YOU. Yes YOU! What are you placing your priority on? Are you placing it on everyone else while you struggle to keep your head above water? You’ve heard the saying that “You cannot give from an empty cup!” You MUST fill your cup first, before you are able to give anything of substance to anyone.

Sadly, a lot of us do “give” from an empty cup, and that’s even worse because now you’re draining your very soul and soon there will be nothing left of you to give anyone – even to yourself. When do you think you will realize that “something”  on the inside needs to be re-calibrated to reset your sense of worth. You give because you believe that is what you need to do to make everyone happy with you. What about your happiness?

Remember, we make time to do what we really want to do, and we find the resources to go on that vacation we really want to go on, and we find time to sneak around in our relationships when we really want to. Bottom line – we ALWAYS find a way to do what we really want to do!

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